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UI library

The library is generally a collection of all components imported for applications along with styles that are created using Tailwind, but they only provide classes that have been realistically used (by defining the `content 'in Tailwind configuration).

The component library can be exported as a pack of NPM and imported locally for application or documentation. The export and use of the NPM is described on the website work with NPM), and the location of individual component files on the Creating components page .

Application structure

In the new application using Riupress UI, we can distinguish the following catalogs:

  • / - the main directory contains most settings and configuration files such as settings for Tailwind, prettier, eslint, Vite;
  • .husky - configuration of git hooks;
  • .vscode - editor settings;
  • docs - configuration of VitePress files and documentation files;
  • src - the main folder of the application files;
  • src/assets - folder for graphic files used by the library/applications and documentation;
  • src/components - Atomic Design component library folder;
  • src/db - class folder responsible for the connection with the API and support of the API endpoints;
  • src/layouts - view templates;
  • src/locales - translation/Language Files folder;
  • src/plugins - settings for supporting additional application elements such as i18n;
  • src/router - routing settings;
  • src/stores - files responsible for handling states in the application;
  • src/views - application views/pages files;