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Vue to Framework JavaScript to create user interfaces.It is based on the standard HTML, CSS and JavaScript and provides a declarative and component -based programming model, which helps effectively develop user interfaces, both simple and complex.


The application and its documentation use VUE 3 using TypeScript and Composition API. Details of the architecture of the application and the use of Vue with elements of the Vue ecosystem are in the description od library end application, and on the page about creating components.


Vite is a tool for building application that aims to ensure faster and simpler programming of modern internet projects. Consists of two basic parts:

  • development server;
  • building a production application using Rollup;

This tool was created for Vue, but thanks to its advantages, it quickly gained recognition in the communities of other front-end solutions, such as React or Svelte.


Pinia is a library for VUE, which allows you to share a state between components/pages.


VueUse is a collection of utility functions based on Composition API. It accelerates work with components.

Vue Ruter

Routing support for Vue.


Vitest This is the best tool for creating unit tests in the Vue ecosystem, in line with Jest API. It will find more about unit tests on the testing website.


Documentation tool. You can find more about VitePress on the page about this - how we document.

Sources of knowledge

  • Vue.js - official page Vue.js;
  • Vite - bundler for Vue.js;
  • Pinia - state management for Vue.js;
  • VueUse - Composition API set of functions ;
  • Vue Router - routing support;
  • Vitest - test framework;
  • Vitepress - software for creating documentation;
  • Awesome Vue - complete list of the most important sources of knowledge about Vue;